Threads of humanity

Four weeks ago, on March 20, 2020, a few women who had never met saw an article on Facebook about how groups were sewing masks for healthcare workers to help with shortages during the Covid-19 crisis. They connected through a desire to help healthcare heroes in the Austin region ... offering nothing more than threads of humanity during desperate times.

Most could sew but some were non-sewers like me who just wanted to help because we were worried about the safety of our healthcare workers and it seemed like the right thing to do. Most of us have a loved one in the healthcare industry. For me, it is my niece, a Covid-19 frontline nursing hero, who inspired me to action. Jennifer’s passion comes from the fact her husband is a doctor. Sudha’s insatiable drive is fueled by motherhood - her son is a third-year medical student.

Within two days of a seemingly casual interaction on Facebook, mask patterns were researched and tested, the TX n95 Covers Initiative was born, a Go Fund Me page was created and hundreds of volunteers were being rallied and signing up to help through our Facebook community group. Mobilization had begun!

Fast forward four weeks - over 250 active volunteer angels have helped deliver almost 5000 n95 covers to local healthcare heroes and first responders! We have seamstresses and cutters and drivers and hubs and coordinators. All working together like social distancing bees in their respective hives!

Each hand-cut and sewn cover joined by threads of humanity to make another layer of resilient protection for our frontline heroes. The variety of fabric designs offering those heroes joy, love and support. Each cover symbolic of the human spirit that Covid-19 has awakened within hundreds of strangers who are connected by their desire to simply make a difference during challenging times.

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