Request N95 Covers

Serving Medical Professionals and

First Responders in Texas Only.

These covers are free.

These covers are for the use of covering an N95 mask to prolong its use. THIS IS A LAST RESORT and is being advocated for because the CDC has lowered standards to using bandannas. 

Important note: Using mask covers is a last resort option – these masks cannot

protect a healthcare worker or first responder from the coronavirus on its own and must be worn over a

N95 mask. Users of these covers are responsible for sterilizing the covers when they receive them and before every use to ensure any potential trace of asymptomatic coronavirus is eliminated. 

We ask our volunteers not to handle any of our mask production material if they

or anyone in their household is sick but we cannot guarantee that volunteers 

are not asymptomatic.

The double layer cotton covers are handmade by local seamstresses to cover N95

masks. The fabric ties can be adjusted to the comfort of any healthcare worker or first responder. We are

working with local healthcare professionals to ensure that our design and fabric meets

their immediate needs as much as possible.