Dear Angels, 


Five weeks ago we created the TX N95 Covers Initiative to help our local healthcare workers and first responders who were facing personal protective gear shortages in the face of a Covid-19 health crisis.  Our intention was that this would always be a short-term crisis response and we believe we have achieved our original purpose to help those workers during this period and orders are significantly slowing down.  We have decided that it is time to cease this initiative and stop taking any more orders.  


Our grassroots initiative, with more than 250 volunteers, has supplied approximately 6600  n95 mask covers to frontline healthcare workers and first responders. 


We believe that with Texas moving towards re-opening, our volunteers who have pre-existing health conditions may have increased risks to their health (especially with drop-offs and pick-ups)  if they continue to participate in this initiative.


We acknowledge the enormous hard work our volunteers have dedicated and feel that it is not fair to ask our volunteers to continue to work at the pace we have over the last few weeks, especially if it is at the expense of their own health.  


We will be donating any remaining completed covers to the Austin Disaster Relief Network who are still making and collecting masks for the community, including healthcare workers as needed. 


If you wish to continue to making masks (either for sale or for donation) for other initiatives then the following groups are providing masks for workers returning to work and the public:



We are also planning to donate our leftover fabric to these two organizations.


Once the Hope Blend sales have been finalized, we will update you with the amount to be donated from our GoFundMe. We are exploring donating our remaining funds to the Texas Medical Association, Texas Nurses Association and/or the Public Health Coalition. We are in contact with these organizations to assess which most align with our mission to help healthcare workers on the frontlines in the face of PPE shortages.  


Once again, we thank you for your amazing contribution, donations and hard work over the last five weeks.  We have been humbled by your selfless dedication.  Every single one of you and your families has enabled us to make an enormous impact in our community during this time of crisis.  We are proud to have worked with you all on this initiative. 


We have all worked so hard and are planning to get together to meet once it is safe for us to all to do so.  It will be great to meet face to face!


Thank you.